Bushman Resources has now acquired numerous tenements throughout Queensland and New South Wales, (totalling approximately 920 square kilometres), in highly sought after areas of GOLD and base metal producing geological provinces.

Our flagship project “Ironhurst” is situated within a highly successful GOLD mining region. Expert interpretation of the complete geophysical dataset is expected to be extremely positive.

Our NSW tenements also potentially host vast deposits of Copper and Gold based on our extensive due diligence.


Since inception, the highly experienced board of geologists has been confidently procuring the mineral assets that are required to take Bushman Resources from a private junior exploration company to a mid-tier publicly listed exploration/mining incorporation.

In the past 12 months the team has realised the initial goal of project acquisition and are now satisfied that our flagship assets show potential for world class precious and base metal deposits.

It is with great pleasure that we enter the market with such esteemed flagship projects and now have the chance to share these exciting opportunities.

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Commodity prices have been depressed across the board now for over 3 years, which experts are saying has been longest downturn we have had in the last three to four decades.

The boom-bust fluctuation is cyclical in nature and with demand predicted to increase for many commodities; we feel that we are positioned effectively for the beginning of the next upturn.
Despite being currently focused on exploring primarily for gold and copper, the team at Bushman Resources maintains a very economic outlook and refuse to ignore other commodities of interest within our tenement portfolio.

In particular, Silver, Zinc, Platinum Group Element’s (PGE) and Uranium (U) have excellent growth predictions and several of our projects have potential to host vast resources of these commodities.


Despite the current market challenges, we are proud to announce that we have managed to secure seed capital funding that ensures the advancement of several of our flagship projects over the next two years.

We are now entering our next tranche’ of fund raising which will ensure that all of our projects get the attention they deserve. Any of our greenfields prospects has the potential to surpass even our most advanced projects in time, provided we give them the focus that they are due. It is with this goal in mind that we offer you a chance to become part of our vision.

The team at Bushman Resources are currently forging ahead with this proposal and we aim to progress all of these projects diligently. I now invite you to contact me directly so that I may be able to present this offering to you in person.

Bush Nicholls CEO

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